Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Super-Dooper, Splendid, Spectacular, Stupendous, Simply Sensational, End-of-Summer Scavenger Hunt is HERE!

The Library's Summer Reading Program ends on Saturday, Aug. 7, but there's still fun to be had at the Mukwonago Community Library before the summer is over. All families with school-age children are eligible to participate in the SDSSSSSEoS Scavenger Hunt. One lucky family will win a $100 Kohl's gift certificate, and every family that successfully completes the hunt will receive a special prize.

This contest ends Friday, August 27 at 4:00 pm, but don't wait to start until the last minute-- there are 50, yes five-zero, items on the list and all of them need to be brought into the library and verified to qualify for the drawing for the $100 gift card.

Full rules and the scavenger hunt list are available in the Library, but here's just a small taste of the things you and your family will be hunting for:
  • #6: Fly Swatter
  • #17: Stick of White Chalk
  • #33: Steel Wool
  • #39: Blue Crayon
  • #47: Coin Purse

Expansion Planning Update

The Library's plans for expanding and renovating are coming together nicely. Check out the newest plans below. This isn't the final look for the building, but it is getting close.

The image above shows the expanded library from the south looking down, toward the north. This image lets you see the look of the new library's roof line and, roughly, how the parking will look on the east and southeast portions of our lot.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Just Nautical Knots-- TONIGHT!

Join us this evening at 5 bells (6:30 pm for landlubbers like me) for a presentation on knot tying and much more. Which side is port and which starboard? Come find out! Craig Grisham, technology support person here at the library, will be your host for an informative and fun evening of nautical terminology and knot tying techniques. He will also relate a few of his exploits on the open seas.

There will be prizes for sailors 12 and under and fun to be had by all. Make sure to find out why five bells is 6:30-- I'm sure there is a good reason, but I can't imagine what it might be.