Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank You!

I've written this before, but it bears repeating-- thank you to everyone in the community for the warm welcome I have received since taking over as Library Director this September. The Mukwonago Community Library truly embraces that central term-- community. I've only been in Mukwonago for two months, but I already feel comfortable here.

The Mukwonago Chief has been, and continues to be, excellent to the Library and I deeply appreciate the time and space they give us every week. This blog is in no way meant to replace what the Chief provides, rather I see this blog as a supplement to the information in the Chief. It is an opportunity to provide additional information regarding the Library to the Community it serves and in a more timely manner. In this space I hope to highlight our programs or new materials, provide occasional reviews of whatever it is I'm reading/viewing, have other staff members contribute their insight, and heap lots of well-deserved praise on everyone who makes this Library so popular and so excellent in all that it does.

I also hope that, as time goes by, the comments section will provide a place for feedback from everyone out there that likes and uses the Mukwonago Community Library. That is the beauty of this forum-- while it is primarily driven by the blogger, there is ample opportunity for the reader to respond, to disagree, to suggest. In short, to discuss.

And I love discussion. I truly believe many of the best ideas and approaches spring from discussion. From interaction. From ideas bouncing back forth and around and about and suddenly becoming something completely different from what they started as, yet better, fuller, richer and more interesting and useful. This is not a formal place. While it must remain respectful, it is a place for the free and open interaction of ideas.

Okay, enough preliminary blather-- back to the main point.

Thank you!


Michael Casey said...

I just want to say that your blog was mentioned on Twitter and I think it's great that your community has a blogging director. I hope you have lots of success and receive tons of community input and feedback.

The Director said...

Thanks for the comment Michael. I hope we get tons of community input and feedback as well. I am impressed that we were already on Twitter-- I just put the blog up on the 30th!

Also, for the record, I am the Library Director, not a community blogging director. The phrase "The Director" simply caught my fancy. Generally, I prefer to go by Nick. ;-)

Thanks again!