Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Expansion Presentations

The Mukwonago Community Library is pleased to announce that there will be a special Library Board meeting on Monday, June 29 for the purpose of viewing presentations by three architectural firms. The library and its board welcome community attendance for these presentations, which will be held at Clarendon Elementary School, beginning at 6 pm.

The three firms, Engberg Anderson, Uihlein Wilson, and Plunkett Raysich, will each make a 45 minute presentation to the board, with presentations to include question and answer components. These firms were selected from an initial pool of six, and the company chosen after the presentations will work with the community, library and library board to develop conceptual plans for a library expansion as well as some preliminary cost estimates. There will be an opportunity for community comment after the three presentations and before the board begins its deliberations over the selection of the final firm.

“All three firms are very well-regarded and have an excellent track record of building attractive, functional and budget-conscious library facilities,” commented Library Director, Nick Weber. “The Board and myself are really looking forward to seeing their presentations, and we hope interested members of the community will join us.”

The schedule for the evening:

5:45 Arrival and set up at Clarendon Elementary
6:00-6:45 Presentation by Engberg Anderson
6:50-7:35 Presentation by Uihlein Wilson
7:40-8:25 Presentation by Plunkett Raysich
8:30-9:00 Comments from the public
9:00- Deliberation by the Mukwonago Community Library Board

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