Monday, February 21, 2011

Web Surfing

My type of surfing doesn’t involve a wetsuit, but a mouse and keyboard. Follow along and I will guide you through some of the most popular websites of 2010!

Time Magazine publishes an annual list of what they consider to the best of the Web. I have highlighted three of my personal favorites from that list:

MIT OpenCourseWare: The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has an initiative to allow partial access to undergraduate and graduate level courses for FREE to anyone. Access to these courses can be found on their website. I have used the Spanish course and dabbled a little in Astronomy. (I am not very good at Astronomy.) But MIT even has their own YouTube channel so you can watch lectures while looking at printouts from their website. Be prepared these are not all full courses, but there is enough pieces to find a very rich education experience...for FREE.

Pogo: Games, games, and more games....what more can I say? Some free games on the internet seem cheap and poorly planned. Pogo offers a variety of bright, and mostly child friendly entertaining games, from the mindless to the slightly educational. I do not recommend using this website at work!

Groupon: One big discount for your area once a day! This website is amazing for helping you find hidden gems in the community. Though there isn’t a Groupon location for Mukwonago, we are so close you can check out Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison for ideas (triple bonus!). One of my favorite buys from this website was a three month fitness bootcamp in Milwaukee for $60, which saved me almost $200. Also if suggest friends to the website and they purchase something you get a $10 credit. Pretty cool!

Alexa is a Web Information Company that provides an update list of the top 500 internet sites on the web. The top three you can probably guess:. Google, Facebook, and then Youtube. I prefer using the Time List because their ratings are based on enterainment and quality, where Alexa is just amount of visitors. Popularity does not equal quality. Enjoy your surfing!

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