Monday, March 28, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright Exhbit at the MAM

For me the special or featured exhibits at the local museum are always an exciting opportunity to see something new and fresh right here in the area. It is also something I don’t do for every exhibit..because tickets can get pricy. The Milwaukee Art Museum’s (MAM) featured exhibit is on Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century from February 12th through May 15th 2011. I have wanted to go this exhibit since it first opened, and finally got the chance this weekend. (I even roped a few friends into going with me). So what did I think? I thought it was an awesome exhibit that may only be exciting for people 13 and up, unless they are interested in the subject. The majority of the display was colored architectural planning sketches for Mr. Wright’s buildings. There was a nice mixture of his office buildings, commissioned homes, and larger plans that never actually got built. There were also a couple of excellent models and examples of his future so close you could almost touch them. I particularly enjoyed the two short videos playing at the exhibit which focused on his private life and a tour of a home he was commissioned to build. NOTES FOR CHILDREN: If you are going to take your children I highly suggest pursuing the free teacher’s guide to the exhibit before you go. There are some excellent talking points on architecture versus environment and some recommendations for children books that will help get them in the frame of mind. The suggested books The Wright 3 and Frank Lloyd Wright and His New American Architecture are both available at the library for checkout.

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