Monday, May 2, 2011

Magazines for Everyone in the Family

Where do you see yourself this summer?

Just imagine yourself now...warm sand between your toes and a fresh copy of Good Housekeeping in your hot little hands.

Or maybe you are finally buying that new gas grill you wanted to barbecue with this summer and you feel wise making an information decision with a copy of Consumer Digest while you are in the store.

Or maybe you are just learning to read and Mom is reading you the newest edition of Ladybug. Or you are browsing through a Scooby Doo magazine.

Or maybe it is finally time to get in shape and you are learning new exercises with Shape and learning to cook stellar healthy meals with Eating Well.

Wherever you see yourself this summer...I bet a magazine from the Mukwonago Community Library will fit in with you. We have lots of title for all ages! Check out our catalog (*tip* browse our catalog for item types then you can search for all the titles available for magazines and reserve your copy online). We are also looking at adding more titles, so we would be happy to have your recommendation.

See you (and your magazines) this summer.

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