Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Technology Tip #20:YouTube Holiday Hellos!

Ah, the infamous Holiday Newsletter. Depending on the author it can be a instrument of entertainment or terror. You can still send traditional ink, but engage your family with a Holiday Video and post it on YouTube.

Holiday Video:
Step 1: Use a recording device like your digital camera, a web cam with microphone on your computer, etc and work with your family to make a short two minute video saying hello to everyone for the holidays. You can have fun with this by wearing your favorite holiday sweater and showing off your Christmas decorations.
Step 2: Go to and upload your video. YouTube will generate a link that you can share with people. (Click here to be brought to the YouTube help page.)
Step 3: Send an e-mail to friends and family with the link to your Holiday Video.

Making the video is part of the fun and is a bonding opportunity with family members or unfortunate pets. It may not be a masterpiece but you will stand out from the ink newsletters. To give you a little courage check out Bob's family holiday video.

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