Saturday, April 21, 2012

Got Interest in Pinterest? A Quick Overview

What Is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social media network that allows you to create a collage or a bulletin “board” of images based upon themes including apparel, photography, recipes, events, home décor, entertainment, crafts, technology, etc.  You bookmark or "pin" images and videos that you find online that you wish to save or share with friends.  Also you can follow your friends’ boards and “repin” their content that you like to your own board.

Getting Started With Pinterest?
First, to get started with Pinterest, a friend needs to invite you or you can go to and request an invite which will be sent to your email.

Then create a profile so friends and family can follow your boards, and other users can learn a little more about your pins.

When you start Pinterest you will be given five templates for boards.  You can keep/delete/edit these boards.  Once a board is created, you can then start pinning.

To pin images on your board you have to install the “Pin It” button.  Instructions can be found on the “Goodies Page.”

Start pinning or repining images onto your boards!  However, make sure to check out Pinterest’s “PinEtiquette.”  Pinterest stresses the importance of being respectful, authentic, crediting your sources, and reporting objectionable content.

Why Pinterest?
Pinterest is great way to share unique ideas and creativity with your friends!  When used, Pinterest can become your community, an escape, a life planner, and a way to express yourself.  Plus you can connect you Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts also.

How can you use Pinterest?
Planning an event or a wedding?  Create a board with pictures of all the ideas you may have about venues, decorations, entertainment, clothes, caterers, flowers, etc.

Redecorating or just moved into a new home?  Pin images with decorating ideas from bedspreads, furniture, appliances, accents, and arrangements.

Craft a lot?  Save all your crafting ideas and do it yourself projects that you find, but might not be able to do right away!

Traveling soon?  Mark all the historical sites, attractions, and restaurants you might want to visit.

Interested in gadgets and gizmos?  Mark and compare all the new technology trends.

Enjoy books, movies, and music?  Keep track of what you’ve enjoyed and disliked.

Cook a lot?  Create a visual cookbook and pin recipes that were successful and ones you have yet to try.

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