Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Projects Made From Books

Love books!  Love projects!
Then give these DIY projects made from old books a try!

Picture Book Clock
Have a favorite picture book lying around the house?  One that’s not in too terrible of a condition and one you have memorized by heart?  Then turn it into a one of a kind wall clock! 

Secret Hollow Book
Need a secret hiding place?  Then make one of these hollowed out books!  Cut out the center of the book and hide valuables, such as extra cash or jewelry, in plain sight.

Book Wall Lamp
Stylish, modern, and a must have for any book lover, especially if you need some reading light!  Give this project a try and make a wall lamp from an old book.

Book Page Wreath
Read a book recently that you didn’t like!  Why not pull out the pages and turn it into a beautiful wreath to decorate your home with?

Book Purse
If you love to carry around books, then why not make a purse out of a book?  Look stylish and let everyone know how much you love to read!

Dictionary Wallpaper
Have an old outdated dictionary?  Then why not take those pages out of the book and paste them to your wall.  If you don’t have a dictionary, then use a thesaurus!

Floating Book Shelves
Instead of making shelves to hold your books, use books to make your shelves!

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