Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Best Gift Books of 2013: The 12 Days of Bookish

Ahhh, Wisconsin in December. The snow has started falling in haste, the temperature is dropping, and all we can think about is cuddling up under a blanket with an entertaining book—hot cocoa optional. That's probably not shocking; as librarians, we spend more time than most thinking about books. This year, we're putting our expertise to work for you in selecting some of 2013's best books for gifting. These are the books that your loved ones will be surprised and delighted to receive, the books that will show what a thoughtful gift giver you are. You don't have to say it was our idea; your secret is safe with us.

We've separated our recommendations out into categories by recipient and will be adding new shortlists daily for 12 days. We can't wait to reveal what we've been working on, but it's strictly Do Not Open until December 11! We'll wrap up our recommendations on December 22, just in time for you to finish your shopping.

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