Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness: Bracket Updates

The NCAA madness kicks off today with the play-in game, featuring a titanic struggle between Morehead State and Alabama State. Did you know we had a state called Morehead? I don't recall seeing the quarter for that one. Actually, Morehead State is located in Kentucky. Alabama State is located in... Alabama. Bit of a let down there.

More importantly, the Library's March Madness is rolling along. Here are the brackets for this week:
Eight masters of suspense and horror and eight masters of verse, meter and alliteration. Who will make the Elite 8? Will it be Emily Dickinson against Stephen King? Make your selections (no reading necessary, remember, though you can't go wrong reading any or all of these authors) and enter for a chance to win the weekly prize-- a $10 gift card, courtesy of Espresso Love Coffee in Mukwonago.

And it the opening week games, we also have some intriguing matchups:

Will the favorites (Christie, Evanovich, Asimov and Wells prevail) or will we have our first big upset? Find out tomorrow when the next round results are posted, here and at the Library.

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