Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Online savings just a click away!

I have not used coupons much. It seems like a lot of trouble to scan the sale papers and cut out coupons. Half the time I am doing well just to find the scissors! But todayI saved five dollars with coupons I found on the internet.
I was looking at a report from a CAFE libraries workshop entitled "Handling House and Home in Hard Times" to see if the links would be useful to reproduce for our patrons, when I came across the website . The description was as follows: "Has coupons you can print, helps you find coupons, gives you strategies on how to use them to make them most effective, and a whole lot more". I always always ALWAYS check links before I recommend them to people and this one turned out to be a winner! You do have to register to make best use of the site, but I found it to be well worth it.

I have a copy of the report at the reference desk, which has dozens of other links to useful websites such as for information on food savings, where you can search for cheapest gas prices in your area, or, which contains information on everything from home organizing to budgeting.

Sometimes it is worth the trouble to look, where did I put those scissors?

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