Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Local Author Visits...and a Mystery!

Author Jerry Peterson and Maddy Hunter recently visited us to tell us all about their great books!

Jerry's book Early's Fall takes place in the 1940s is Riley County Kansas. Sheriff James Early's job becomes personal when some locals turn up butchered. The Sheriff does his share of sleuthing with his great sidekicks while trying to solve the mystery. Great dialog and intelligently written. If you want a taste of Jerry's writing you can read the first three chapters of his book on his website, or check the book out from the library.

Maddy Hunter writes a series called Passport to Peril. This hilarious series follows a troupe of senior citizens while they vacation all over the world. While on these vacations they become the center of wild murders, crimes, and other antics. Laugh along with these cozy mysteries and get your copy from the library, or check them out at her website.

Now you great people who read the blog. I am going to clue you on a little mystery of my own. Maddy Hunter left us a few "mystery items" to give to our valued patrons. If you want to know what she left, and how you may get one...check out the Adult Services Facebook Page...and good luck!

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