Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pathfinder: Learning About Dogs

Doggonit! If your reading this, then I can assume you want to know a little bit more about our canine pals. You may be looking at options for training, optimal diet and exercise, what breed is best for you, or just reading up. Whatever your need the library has a surprising amount of material, suggestions, and experiences to help you become more familiar with Man's Best Friends. Let's have a look!

We have Paws to Read, which is a reading activity geared for our younger readers. Visit the library and read a poem, picture book, or book chapter to our Therapy Dogs. This is a drop in event with no registration necessary. The intent of this program is to help youth connect with reading, it is also an opportunity for them to connect with dogs. We have Navarre the Samoyed, Zeus the American Bulldog mix, B.J. the Rottweiller, and a new welcome to Marcie the Border Collie. If you don't feel like reading you can always come visit these friendly dogs, or give your younger family members a memorable experience with dogs first hand! For more information about these events check the Youth Services Page.
Local Resources:

Dog Exercise Areas
Dog are welcome in any Waukesha County park, given they are properly licenced and leashed. If you want to let your dog off leash and exercise them Waukesha County has two areas. It is a nice perk because there is no extra charge for using these areas (Milwaukee County charges). For more information check out the Waukesha County Park System website.

Speciality Business
There are a lot of local businesses dedicated to dogs. End of the Leash is one such business that offers a ton of services, products, and events. I will let their blog do the talking for them.

Here are some of our newer book on:
Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog (2010)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training, by Pamela Dennison (2011)
The 50+ Dog Owner: Complete Dog Parenting for Baby Boomers and Beyond, by Mary Jane Checchi (2011)
Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend To Your Pet (2010)

Careers with Dogs: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Dream Job, by Kim Thorton (2010)
How to Start a Home-Based Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Business, by Cathy Vaughan (2011)
Dog Stories:
The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption, by Jim Gorant (2010)
One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Afghanistan, by Pen Farthing (2010)
A Famous Dog's Life: The Story of Gidget, America's Most Beloved Chihuahua, by Sue Chipperton (2011)
Chicken Soup for the Sould: My Dog's Life: 1010 Stories About All the Ages and Stages Of Our Canine Companians (2011)
Oogy: The Dog Only A Family Could Love, by Larry Levin (2010)
You Had Me At Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness, by Julie Klam (2010)
Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-To-Follow Patterns for 25 Pedigree Pooches by Sally Muir (2011)

Dog Fancy ~ 2008 thru current year
Dog World ~ 2006 thru current year
AKC Family Dog ~ 2009 thru current year
Dog Watch ~ 2009 thru current year

Dogs 101 (2010)
Caution! Show Dogs! A Dogumentary (2010)
Home School. Children and dogs. Volume 1 (2009)
Dog Tails: History, Genealogy, Traits (2010)
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan. Season 4, Volume 2 (2010)
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan. Season 4, Volume 1 (2010)
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan. Completed Third Season (2008)
Dogs for Dummies (2004)

Those are only some of our selection? Do you have any resources or websites that you would suggest?

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