Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Technology Tip #8: Online Subscriptions

If you order a magazine or have a cable provider, more and more often vendors are offering complimentary online subscriptions. This may not seem like a big deal until you consider the possibility of legally sharing access to those shows with friends and family.

My parents have a cable subscription with the "works" including HBO. Dish Network as a extra service provides them with the ability to access a website that has all of the latest shows, movies, and other viewing material available with their subscription. Since they don't use the online version they provided me access to their online subscription, and voila I can watch HBO on my computer.

I subscribe to a cooking magazine that my friend who lives across the state always wants to borrow when she comes to my house. The other day I realized I could give her access to my free online subscription and I would be able to keep my magazines for a change!

If you consider offering or sharing these online subscriptions with friends or family, imagine the amount of money it could save for people to pool resources. It also does not have legal issues and implications that resource piracy has. So double check your magazine, cable and other media subscriptions to see if you have online access.

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