Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Expansion Photos Fifteen

Blacktop! It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it really makes the outside look nearly complete, especially in conjunction with the new sidewalks and doors. The exterior is basically down to landscaping at this point, some of which will happen yet this year, but much of which won't really "be seen" until next spring.

On the inside, nearly everything has been primed and much of it has been painted. Lighting fixtures are starting to go up, the ceilings are nearly all installed, and much of the trim work has been added. Things are really moving along! Flooring starts to go in next week.

The latest pics:
The local history and conference room with its fresh paint job and lovely oak trim in place. Also, the suspended ceiling is nearly finished as well!

The "main hall", complete with paint (a little hard to tell because of the lighting) and wood trim. This is going to be a spectacular entry to the library when it is all said and done.

The front of the new building, lacking only the landscaping and the "Mukwonago Community Library" sign on the right side, between the windows. We are not planning on retaining the port-a-potties unless there is a large public outcry to keep them.

A view from the southeast corner, showing nearly the entire building, including the new front entrance (on the right), the old entrance (far left) which will now be an emergency exit, the drive-up book drop, and the staff/delivery entrance (center).

A close up of the drive-up book drop lane, along with the southern end of the building and our new garbage enclosure.

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