Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Expansion Photos Nineteen

Oooh... the big day is almost here. This week the shelves are being finished and the new furniture is being delivered and installed. While it won't all be done until we actually move back, nearly everything that isn't at our temporary home is now at our gorgeous, new home. Here are some photos from earlier today:

Here is a portion of the children's area, with new shelving on the left (without the wood end caps which will be installed by Friday, Dec. 2), the four children's computer stations (center), and the board book bin (right) all in place.

Our new meeting room, now with tables and chairs! They are surprisingly comfortable chairs for multi-purpose, meeting room, stackable chairs.

These "not quite ready for prime time" booths that will be part of the Young Adult area. When complete and properly installed, these will make a nice seating area for our teen and college-aged patrons.

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