Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Technology Post 16: Poll Your Friends and Coworkers!

Technology can allow you to connect with people in new ways. Polling may be an unexplored avenue you should consider using. All you do is ask a question and wait for people to respond through a web browser, cell phone, or other devices. It is quick, fun, and different.

My favorite tool for this is a website called Poll Everywhere. I like it because you can create a poll within 30 seconds and people can respond on the web, by texting, or through Twitter. Hear are some ways to use it:

-Texting everyone in your circle to see where they would like to eat for dinner. This way everybody gets a vote, and you don't get to hear the complainers.
- When you need an anonymous vote to make a workplace decision.
-Trying to stimulate your friends to get them politically intereseted.

The results get displayed in real time as people respond and can be seen on your web browser, cell phone, or utilized in a PowerPoint display. This is a really basic example:

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