Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Library Slogans

One of my hopes for expanding the library is to find a good catch-phrase or slogan for our fund raising efforts. In pursuit of that goal, I stumbled upon the Advertising Slogan Generator. Simply plug in a keyword, click "sloganize" and voila, instant catch-phrase.

Here are a view possibilities that came from the Advertising Slogan Generator, with the word Library plugged into it:
  • Top Breeders Recommend Library
  • It's a New Library Every Day
  • Library is Job 1
  • Gee, Your Library Smells Terrific
  • Why Can't Everything Orange Be Library?
You get the idea. Fairly silly, but fun-- and in all honesty, number two on that list isn't half-bad. One of the neat things about a library is that it IS a new place every day, with new materials, new opportunities and new events all the time.

Try it out with different slogan terms-- some of the "slogans" are awfully funny.

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