Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Life is Better than a Story

This story has nothing to do with libraries, books, information or technology. It has a lot to do with what is best about people, about sportsmanship and about the human spirit. As an added bonus, it happened in Wisconsin and its getting national attention (I saw it on Yahoo).

I pass it along because it is worth reading and as my own small props to everyone involved, because what they did was good and right and (sadly) refreshing in a world that far too often seems more interested in fame, greed and winning at all costs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link....amazing story.

The Director said...

You're welcome. It was one of those stories that if you saw it in a film you'd probably think, "Right. Sure." So, the fact that it actually happened is refreshing and reassuring.

Thanks for the comment!