Monday, April 25, 2011

At the Car Wash....♫♫♫♫ could be at the car wash getting your car washed for FREE if you come enter for a chance to win at the library. You might be asking yourself how does one win this fabulous prize?

Step 1: Come to the library.
Step 2: Pick out any item in the library to check out (we have DVDs, books, music, video games)
Step 3: Go up to the self-check out machine near the entrance/exit, and check out.
Step 4: Rip off the top of your receipt and put it in the entry bin to the left of the machine.

Voila! Every time you do that you enter to win a weekly prize of a free car wash. We have 3 more full weeks of this wonderful promotion. So get your car the car wash ♫ ♫ at Amato Ford.

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