Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can’t read the text of normal printed books?

If you (or someone you know) cannot read normal sized text in a printed book you should learn about the resources provided by the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library.

If you have a visual handicap, legal blindness, physical handicap, or reading disability you are eligible for the services of having borrowing materials sent to you free of charge. This service isn’t just for individuals, qualifying schools, hospital, or nursing homes can participate to enrich services and provide better resources.

You can get over 40,000 different titles of best sellers, romances, mysteries, classics, sports, travel, and more! These titles can come in Braille, recorded cassette, large print, digital book and they even have transcribed DVDs. Or ask about the special resources about Wisconsin and collection of works by Wisconsin authors.

In the last few years the services provided by the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library have been made even more convenient because you can search for and request materials right from your home computer! These aren’t just stale old titles either you can check out some newer James Patterson, Debbie Macomber books! So what are you waiting for check them out (or at least their resources).

If you want to know what the picture above says...check out the text to Braille converter website. :)

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