Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Bad Way to Wake Up

A rabid bat was captured in Racine after landing on, waking up, and then biting
a resident, according to city health officials.

Yikes--that is not the way to start your day. What do you think is worse-- waking up with the head of your prize horse in bed with, ala The Godfather, or waking up to find a bat in bed with you and a nice bite for your trouble?

I think the longterm effects of the horse head are probably worse, but I think the immediate "Ayyurrghhh!" factor is greater with the bat.

Should you feel the need to relive the iconic scene from The Godfather, you can now purchase a horsehead pillow:

It retails for $45 and is available from the quirky Kropserkel company. Kropserkel also manufactures gothic armor, Nazgul armor (ala, The Lord of the Rings), nine-foot wide fake UFOs, and replicas of costumes from a wide variety of action/adventure movies.

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