Monday, January 26, 2009

Things They Did Not Teach Me In Library School, #1

There is inevitably a problem, or at least an annoyance, when theory fails to connect with reality. Or is insufficient to fully accomodate reality. Thus, though education is wonderful and I enjoy learning tremendously, there is always a disconnect between what I was told/learned in school and how those things actually apply, or don't apply, in real life.

If I had any doubt about this, my current position as Library Director here at the Mukwonago Community Library has put those doubts to rest fully and unequivocably. There are so many things I am dealing with that weren't mentioned, much less covered, in library school, that this is likely to be a running item for... well, for a long time to come.

So, things they did not teach me in library school, #1:

The Library Director is responsible for the toilet paper dispensers.

The logic goes as follows: as the Library Director, you are responsible for the building. The bathrooms are part of the building, so therefore you are responsible for the bathrooms. The toilet paper dispensers are part of the bathroom, which is part of the building, so therefore you are responsible for the toilet paper dispensers. I can confidently state that toilet paper dispensers were never mentioned in library school (well, at least not in the actual coursework). But last week I spent some time looking at various dispensers, trying to weigh their pros and cons and also their impact on the budget.

They arrived Friday and were installed yesterday. They rawk! Well, as much as toilet paper dispensers can rawk. At a minimum, they are much nicer than the old ones, which were rather dilapidated.

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