Friday, August 5, 2011

Construction Photos: Eleven

We have walls! Or at least the beginnings of walls. Soon we'll have a roof, as well. Things are really taking shape over at the construction site and so far we are still on pace to have a grand opening on Midnight Magic weekend. Here are the latest shots:

Here's a shot of the southeast corner. You can see the "outline" of the walls and the peaked "hip" roof is starting to take shape as the crews get the trusses set.

A view from the northeast looking back at the community room (foreground) with the main entry to the left (tower element).

The west wall. some of the plywood sheathing is already in place on this wall. With the sheathing up, you can really see how the big bay window (far right) will look-- it's going to be awesome!

Final shot-- looking down the entryway of the library. This will be the high-ceilinged space that runs from the new front entry to the bay window, the "aisle" leading into the library.

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