Thursday, August 25, 2011

Construction Photos: Thirteen

We are fully roofed! While the windows aren't in yet, having a roof on the entire structure will allow the inside work crews to get even busier than they have been. A major milestone reached! Here are the most recent pictures, including some great shots of the tower "cap" being put in place:

The "skeletal" walls of the local history/ conference room (left side) and one of the new study rooms (right side). Sheetrock will start to go up once the windows are received and installed-- hopefully within the next few weeks.

The Director's cage. They assure me it will look very nice, and much less like a jail cell, when everything is complete. We'll see....

The West wall, fully bricked and shingled. Only the windows remain to be installed. Cool!

The tower cap on its way to its final home.

Getting closer!

Almost there. The crane operator was surprised at how smoothly this went. He expected the cap to sway a bit, but it was rock solid the whole way.

A safe landing!

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