Thursday, August 18, 2011

Construction Photos: Twelve

We've got bricks! Always a good sign on a building that features brick from top to bottom. It's not all installed yet-- that'll take a little while-- but we're on our way. Plus, the building is very nearly completely enclosed and the workers have started to install shingles. Soon weather won't be much of a factor for the remainder of the project-- yay! Here are the latest pics:

The masonry crew installing the lower bricks on the northern wall.

Looking east down the "main thoroughfare" from the large bay window on the west side.

The community room, looking north from the lobby entrance. The room will be divisible into several different configurations using a partition system that will be installed later.

The foundation for our garbage enclosure and storage shed. Not the most exciting aspect of the project, but it is important to have somewhere to put your garbage and recycling and to store your garden tools and implements.

A wide shot of the eastern exposure, with the entry tower "cap" on the ground to the far left and the tower itself, waiting for its cap, on the far right.

A close-up of the tower cap. It is awaiting the arrival of the large crane that will hoist it into position on the entry tower.

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