Monday, November 10, 2008

Avast Maties!

Okay, it's cliched, but you have to admit that the moment you hear or read the word "avast" you instantly know that pirates are involved. Does avast ever get used in any other context? I suppose it must, but I'm not sure what that context would be-- the term is a nautical one for "stop" or "cease". In theory then, you could tell someone to "Avast that dog!" Of course, they'd probably look at you funny. Or decide that you were a pirate.

Which brings us back to where we started: Pirates! The Library will be holding a Pirate themed event tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 6:30pm. Aarghh! A Pirate Program, features Jim Schneck, a pirate recreator, who will describe the truth and fiction of pirate life. All those attendees who dress like a pirate-- and who doesn't like dressing up like a pirate?-- will receive a special surprise.

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