Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Library: A Place to Catch Up

Whether it is finally reading all those literary masterpieces you've meant to pick up for years, brushing up on small engine repair, or re-watching Indiana Jones I-III before sitting down with your new copy of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, the Library is the perfect place to get up to speed.

For me, I've been taking advantage of the Library's holdings for shows that air on HBO and Showtime-- stations which I do not have. For the past few weeks I have been immersed in the saga of Tony Soprano and his families. I did not participate in the Sopranos craze when it was happening between 1999 and 2006 because we don't have HBO. So, I heard how awesome it was, but never got to appreciate it directly.

But now-- now I can check out the Sopranos one season at a time and watch them at my leisure. Usually one a night, but sometimes two in one day, while other days are just too full to share any time with Tony, Christopher, Carmella, Paulie and all the rest. And now I understand what all the hype was about-- the writing and acting is as good as I had heard and better than I expected (I was prepared for the reality to not match the hype). Just great stuff.

I am currently in the middle of season 4 and already I am sad to think there are fewer unviewed episodes than there are ones I have watched. Still, what a cool thing-- to have those episodes available to me simply by having a library card.

Once I do finish the Sopranos I think my next adventure will be to dive into the second season of Dexter. I saw the first season on NBC last year and liked it a lot, so I'm curious to see the second season and also to see it unedited from the original Showtime broadcasts. I know the Sopranos aren't as good on A&E as they are in their original HBO format, so I'm curious to see how much different the original Showtime cuts are than the NBC edits.

Final point-- if there is a TV show, movie or book that you'd like to see the Library own, let us know. All requests are reviewed by the staff, but we generally do purchase requested items since we know that there is a demand for them and we do our best to keep our patrons happy.

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