Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Pack Go!

Towards the purpose of everyone getting to know a little more about me-- my favorite sport is football and my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. You can make the argument that I had little freewill in this matter, growing up as I did in the Fox Valley, about 25 minutes south of Lambeau Field. But there was always the possibility that I could have rebelled against my parents and grandparents and supported (shudder) the Chicago Bears.

While I was clearly well-indoctrinated to be a fan of the Packers as a child, I also received a healthy dose of "Think it through, then make your own decision" and consequently I prefer to believe that I arrived at being a huge fan of the Packers mostly independently. Given how awful the Pack was during most of my formative years (the Pack had two winning seasons in the time between when I was 7 and 18. Two. And one of those was the strike shortened year (5-3-1), while the other was 1978 (8-7-1)) I am either diehard, a masochist or terminally thick. I prefer the first of those three options.

So, as I prepare for a meeting that will keep me from watching most of the Packer v. Saints game tonight, I felt it only appropriate I take a short bit of time out to post my support for the team from the smallest market in ANY professional sport. Go PACK Go!

Interesting side note-- I lived in Los Angeles for nearly three years. It was impressive how many Packer bars there were out there. Packers, Steelers, 49ers and Cowboys. Also impressive is the dedication of those bars and their patrons-- NFL games start at 10 in the morning on the west coast. Yikes! A hardy group, no doubt. On the plus side, the Monday night games got done by about Nine-o-clock. That was kinda cool.


Anonymous said...

As long as the line protects Aaron, the Pack should be victorious. Go Pack Go!

The Director said...

Well, that was ugly. Good grief, how do we go from world beaters against the Bears to completely inept against the next week? Ah well, it is a young team and a young coach so there will be bumps. But, yuck. Do you suppose we'll have to hear how Rodgers can't win in a dome now for the next few years?