Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Yes, typically we all clean up our homes and businesses in the spring-- after the winter. But there were some things that needed attention at the Library that just couldn't wait for next year.

Chief amongst those was the planter by our front door. A wonderful tribute to the community and its commitment to the Library, it was definitely starting to show the wear and tear of twelve years of Wisconsin weather. Over the past month, Dennis and Dave from Berg Construction has been renovating the planter and the process is nearly complete.

The last of the white "scale" will be cleaned off of the bricks in the next week or so, and all of the names that have fallen off of the planter will be replaced. Additionally, the Library's Garden Group is building a cover for the planter for the winter! Between Berg's great work and the new cover, the planter should once again be a beautiful testimonial when spring returns.

In addition to the planter, the Library's eaves are getting a long overdue fresh coat of paint. Severely weathered over the last twelve years, the eaves were in desperate need of both a fresh look and a sealing against the elements. Both should be accomplished by the end of the week.

And if that isn't enough, a serviceberry tree was recently donated to the Library in honor of Kathy McBride, the longtime Director of the Library. The tree was planted this morning, and it will remain a beautiful addition to the Library's landscaping for many years to come.

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