Friday, November 14, 2008

Library Survives Pirate Boarding

It's always a little worrisome when you knowingly invite pirates to your place and let them roam. Pirates aren't exactly known for their consideration of other people's property, after all. Nor for their cleanliness, for that matter. But sometimes you have to take a chance. Fortunately, last weekend's pirate encounter was contained to the Library's meeting room and we managed to avoid being plundered and burnt to the ground.

Certainly all those that attended had a great time learning about the pirate life from re-enactor Jim Schneck and his young assistant pirates. The crowd was enthusiastic, sometimes enthralled and the number of hats, cutlasses and skulls and bones was great to see. Thanks to Jim and to everyone who came out. Altogether now: Arrrghh! Avast ye scurvy dogs!

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