Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Madness: Week Two Results

With Week Three underway, it is time to take stock of last week's results. The final tallies are in and our second weekly winner is Eric "Web" Weber. Web was the only one of our entrants that correctly picked Carl Sandburg to make the Elite Eight-- most of the other contestants had Robert Frost making it through. None of the participants correctly picked dark horse Jeffrey Deaver to win the Horror bracket. Runner-up to Web was Gail "Gail" Weber, who was also the runner-up in Week 1. Gail had 11 points and 2nd runner up Shawn Carlson had 9.

The overall standings through two weeks:
Eric Weber: 23
Gail Weber: 23
Karen Grisham: 19
Tina Guillama: 14
Nicole Weber: 13
Shawn Carlson: 12
Richard Hanauer: 10
Bonnie Mielke: 8
David Vander Pluym: 8
Peter Willinger: 6
Therese Phillip: 5

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