Thursday, April 23, 2009

March Madness Winners

Congratulations to Bonnie Mielke, our Week Five winner. The competition was fierce in week 5, because there were only 12 available points instead of the 24 of previous rounds. Bonnie correctly picked six of the seven games in Week Five, missing only the second round match up between Mark Twain and Janet Evanovich (she picked Twain, and Evanovich edged him out, 6-5). Her total of 10 points was two more than Tina Guillama and Shawn Carlson, who each had 8.

Congratulations as well to Eric "Web" Weber who is our grand prize winner for most overall points in the March Madness tournament. Web finished with a grand total of 51 points, holding off Gail Weber, 49 points, and Shawn Carlson, 48 points. He didn't fare too well in Week Five, getting only one game of the seven correct for a single point, but he had built up a big enough lead to hang on for victory.

Once again, a big thank you to Espresso Love Coffe for sponsoring the tournament, and a big thank you to everyone who participated-- including the librarians at Mukwonago who had the awesome responsibility of determining the winners.

Final totals for all of our participants:

Eric Weber: 51
Gail Weber: 49
Shawn Carlson: 48
Bonnie Mielke: 40
Nicole Weber: 38
Karen Grisham: 33
Peter Willinger: 30
Tina Guillama: 25
John Bronk: 15
Richard Hanauer: 10
David Vander Pluym: 8
Terese Phillip: 5

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