Monday, April 20, 2009

What's Up With That Tree?

Hopefully, you have noticed the colorful mural that is taking shape on the south wall of the Library’s lobby. The second phase of the project is starting to take shape—the creation of a spreading tree. This tree will serve not only brighten and beautify the library’s lobby area, but also to recognize donors to the library’s expansion.When finished, the leaves, branches and roots of the tree will contain the names of the many generous donors to the expansion fund.

The creation of a tree as a symbol for the library is a good one for many reasons—a tree has strong roo
ts, provides shade and comfort, and is a living, growing part of its surroundings. Likewise, the library has deep roots in the community, it provides education, recreation and community development, and it to is a growing, vital part of its surroundings—the entire Mukwonago Community.

The tree is being created by Jessica Schreib and Anna Boelk, two dedicated and talented seniors at Mukwonago High School. Supplies and support for the project have been graciously provided by the Friends of the Mukwonago Library, a group that helps the library and the community in so many ways.

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