Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TTDNTMiLS #4: Activities Near the Library

I admit I was surprised on Monday morning when I drove into the Library parking lot and the Andler house, the white building just to the east of the Library, was gone. In it's place, a smoking hole:

I knew the village intended to demolish the building, after the fire department used it for some practice burns, and I knew it was scheduled to come down before the end of April. But I didn't know that all of that was going to happen on Sunday. Quite a difference. Over the next week, the remaining walls should be knocked in, the hole filled and the entire property seeded.

It's been a while, but I do not recall any of my professors talking about the building next to the library being burned down. Live and learn. Interaction with the municipality supporting your library is also something they could include more thoroughly in library school. Fire, Police, Public Works, Water & Sewer, Engineering and Village Attorney-- all departments and individuals within the village that I have had interactions with and depend on for a variety of services and issues.

Theory vs. practice, I suppose. Most of the time, practice winds up being significantly different than the theory. Still, once the clean up is complete, I think the lot next door will look quite nice-- stay tuned!

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