Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week Four, Round Three

Two more games to decide the Elite Eight and the Week Five matchups:

#4 J.K. Rowling vs. #2 A.A. Milne
Magic or whimsey? Wizards or adorable animals? Tough call, but the oddsmakers were giving a slight edge to the fuzzy guys and a "kinder, gentler" tournament. But being a "tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff" only gets you so far, and the battle-tested Harry Potter crew were more than enough for the 100 Acre gang. With Ron minding the middle and Harry and Hermoine shooting from the perimeter, Rowling had good inside-out movement all day and rolled to a 6-2 lead. Tigger managed a couple of late dunks to make the final score respectable, 6-4, but this one was never close after the first few minutes.

Popular Fiction
#3 Michael Crichton vs. #1 John Grisham
In the finals of the Popular Fiction, Michael Crichton and his killer dinosaurs finally ran up against a force equal, and perhaps superior, to their own: litigation. The legal system has taken down many a giant of industry, politics and celebrity and from the start of the game, it was clear that John Grisham's legal thrillers were going to cause Crichton great difficulty. Grisham managed to get the tyrannasaurus rex thrown out (exceeding the statutory weight limit) and without their post-player, the Crichton team struggled. At halftime it was 4-2 Grisham. In the second half, the speed, and disemboweling ability, of the velociraptors kept Crichton close, but they were never able to surge past Grisham's crew and as the final buzzer sounded it was 6-4 in favor of John Grisham.

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