Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Construction Photos: Nine

Things are really moving at the construction site now that the weather has started to cooperate a little bit. We're back on schedule! So keep your fingers crossed that things keep moving smoothly and we can be moved back into our wonderful new home by the end of the year. Here are some shots of the progress:

Here we see an excavator clearing away the soil around the foundation of the existing building so that the waterproofing on the new and old portions can be integrated.

The purple stuff helps keep the waterproofing in place and also provides some insulation. Soon these canyons will be filled up with all the dirt piled around the perimeter of the site.

A shot from the inside, showing where the demolition on the north end roof has been marked off by the big blue tarp.

A view from the west as one of the workers finishes demolishing the northwest corner of the old library building (Yikes! I hope they put things back together as well as they've ripped them apart).

A close up of the roof area after demolition.

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