Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mukwonago River

I do not live in Mukwonago, but I work here three days a week at the library. Since I have been working here I have gotten to enjoy all sorts of festivities that I thought were only part of big city life. The Farmer's Market, Flea Markets, and Midnight Magic. I got super excited when I heard about "Mukwonago's Music In the Park" hosted by the Mukwonago Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. Friday evenings from 6pm-9pm at Indianhead Park-Beach there is free admission to see a live band with lots of vendors to choose from.

I got to thinking about the Mukwonago River and how packed the beach is most days when I drive past. While doing a little research I found an article in a Milwaukee neighborhood newspaper that talks about the ecological diversity of the Mukwonago River. It is revered for it's lack of pollutants, pristine condition, and overall impressive healthy inhabitants. Did you know the river has one of the most diverse mussel populations in south-eastern Wisconsin? It was also awesome to know that someone has been doing an annual sampling of the fish in the river and last year they found 35 different species of fish. To make things even cooler, here I was just looking at Indianhead Park-Beach, and this article talks about the over 2,700 acres that have been conserved to ensure the area stays protected.

Read the article for yourself! I got a kick out of it, because the newspaper The Bayview Compass is from the neighborhood I live in. It is nice to know that more people outside of Mukwonago are appreciating the natural and social wonder the community has to offer.

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