Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Construction Photos: Ten

What a difference a bunch of dirt makes! If you haven't driven by the construction site recently, I urge you to do so-- it's really looking good. All of the big holes have been filled in, the basement is fully enclosed and the structural steel support structure is mostly in place. You can really get a sense of the size of the place now-- and it is big! Here are some shots from today:

A view from the west looking down what will be the main entry way for the new library. The lobby and entrance will be located just past the elevator shaft structure.

A view from the south at the portion that is above the new basement area. Most of this space will be staff work areas, with the community room way down on the far north end.

This shot is from the north, looking back at where the new building will merge with the existing. The outline of the huge western bow window can be seen well in this shot.

One final shot of the elevator shaft, with the framework for the expansion on the north visible behind it.

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