Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Technology Tip of the Week Part 1

So I have been mulling over some ideas for a weekly blog segment. There have been some neat blog posts in the past including, BBB (Big, Beautiful, Books) and the Construction Updates on the expansion are awesome! But I wanted something where people could come and learn a little tidbit of information. Since a lot of patrons come to the library to use technology and learn about it, I thought our virtual presence should offer the same services. So welcome to the new weekly blog addition, Technology Tips!

Tips for Week #1: SHORTCUT KEYS
Using the mouse for some people can be difficult, and take a lot of time. A way to make that easier (especially for seniors) is to utilize shortcut keys. Shortcut keys are certain buttons or combination of buttons (pressed at the same time) on the keyboard that will make actions happen. It is often nice because instead of clicking three things to get to that command, you can press these button combinations to make it easier. There are oodles of them, these are just some of the simpler ones I use on a daily basis. Try the web browsing tips NOW! :)


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Anonymous said...

Also Ctrl V- will PASTE when you have just copied something.