Monday, July 11, 2011

Easy Meals for the Entire Week

I can be honest when I say I have not been using my youth to develop my cooking skills. I pass through life on deli sandwiches and spaghetti. Through a little luck and the lazy days of summer I found a little spare time to start cooking. For months I have been complaining..."Why can't I find a easy and affordable shopping list that is coupled with recipes for meals for the entire week...grumble...grumble?".

I found one!

The magazine Everyday with Rachel Ray has a leaflet that has a shopping list and the recipes! I went shopping last night and for $77.00 I got 7 interesting, inspiring, and delicious meals. I also have to be honest that I ended up purchasing some items I have never used or eaten in my life. My step-dad is a chef so that is a pretty embarrassing revelation. I found out that kale is a green lettuce type item, and that bow-tie noodles have an entirely different name on the box.

My first recipe was a smash! I made a homemade pizza with hot sausage, rosemary flavored red pepper and onion, ricotta cheese, and Parmesan sprinklings! For the first time in a long time my leftovers weren't boring!

Now if you have a fancy cell phone like a Android or a Smart Phone they also have apps where you can photograph a section of the magazine and it will download the recipes and shopping list to your cell phone. How cool!

Now enough about Rachel Ray, have you ever tried Cooks Illustrated? This is one of the most trusted and traditional cooking magazines that cooks have trusted for years. My aunt swears by a pie crust recipe with vodka....and it really is awesome.

A long story short, we have a lot of great items at the library that can help make your life a little more exciting....even in the small tasty ways.

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